Eliza 6000 project

In honor of the 50th anniversaries of the first chatbot and the first supercomputer, I volunteered to get Eliza running on the Living Computer Museum's recently restored CDC 6500.

The project is named “Eliza 6000” because it could run on other CDC 6000-series computers.

Development of Eliza 6000 itself has been delayed by a hardware problem*, but substantial progress has been made on a sub-project, the Eliza OCR Project.

The project's “mascot” is a low-resolution crop of a high-resolution portrait of a CDC 6600 console, photographed by James Ball and retouched by INK Studio, part of the Guide to Computing series, © 2016 Docubyte.

* The 6500 has 128 KiW of CM (central memory), but it's currently running with half of it disabled; this reduces the memory available for Eliza from ~78 to ~14 KiW. I'm waiting for the other 64 KiW of CM to be returned to service.